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The QPR Portal seamlessly combines business process management (QPR ProcessGuide) with Balanced Scorecard (QPR ScoreCard) into a personalized web portal.

The QPR Portal gives you a view of your management information that is

  • always up-to-date
  • relevant and related to your responsibilities
  • customizable according to your preferences
  • easy to search and navigate

About QPR Software

QPR Software is the leading provider of Collaborative Management software products. With QPR products world-class organizations collaboratively plan, implement, communicate, and commit people to objectives and processes.

QPR Software develops and delivers solutions together with a practiced partner network in 45 countries. The QPR Community consists of more than a thousand professionals serving customers all around the world.

For latest QPR support resources and software updates, visit usernet.qpr.com.

For further information about QPR Software, visit www.qpr.com.

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QPR UserNet

QPR UserNet is an extranet for QPR's Customers to get more benefits from QPR management software solutions.

For latest QPR support resources and software updates, visit QPR UserNet.


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QPR Customer Care guarantees that our customers receive maximum value from our software.

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